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Marcella Raskin

Marcella Raskin is the founder & editor-in-chief. She is a passionate and articulate writer who has dedicated her life to studying human potential. She has studied Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Life Purpose Coaching, Group Life Coaching. She loves helping women (and men) explore themselves through writing, which allows for an exploration into one’s thoughts on entrepreneurship or personal development topics such as mindset-shaping techniques that can positively shape someone’s perspectives about themselves when they don’t think it could ever happen! She practices sports and has studied Exercise Physiology. She is married and the mother of two girls.

We all know that dogs are man's best friend. But which breed is truly the best? Here are the top 10 dog breeds globally, based on popularity, intelligence, and overall adorableness. From the Labrador Retriever to the Poodle, these furry friends are sure to make your life infinitely happier. So why not pick one of these pups and bring home a new best friend today?

Top 10 Dog Breeds In The World

Dogs have been by our side for centuries, providing us with companionship, loyalty, and love. But which dog breeds are the best? Here are our top 10 picks!